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1. What restaurants does the Taco Tuesday Food Tour include?

A: Taco Tuesday or “Taco Toursday”,see what we did there, begins at Poblanos Cuisine located in the Northshore District of Downtown Chattanooga. Owner/ Chef Adrian and replicated his home town of Guadalajara Mexico with the Heart of Mexico Mural proudly displayed as guests walk-in. Once guests experience the Poblanos Taco Choice + Authentic Margarita (alcoholic and nonalcoholic version available) then get whisked away in the ChattyWagon. The Chatty Wagon provides free electric shuttle services to the Downtown Chattanooga area. No need to call ahead, the ChattyWagon provides private shuttle service to Chatt Taste Taco Toursday Guests. A short distance away, guests arrive at Mexiville, Northshore. One of the two locations¬† Chuy, Owner/ Chef graces our palates with in Downtown Chattanooga. Mexiville is always a party! Between Salsa Night Saturday and newly established brunch on Sundays Mexiville transcends Taco Tuesday with a plethora of ways to explore Hispanic Culture. Last, but not least, watch the sunset as you are transported across Market Street bridge to Citron El Sel. Nestled in Chattanooga’s Beautiful West Village. The Tequila Mecca of Downtown Chatt, Citron Et Sel brings the heat to finalize the tour. Guests have the opportunity to explore West Village before being whisked away on the Private Chatty Wagon shuttle to their parked cars.


2. How/when did Chatt Taste get started, specifically Taco Tuesday?

A: Taco Toursday launched October 2019.


3. Where is the meeting location?

A: The meeting location is Poblanos Cuisine – 551 River St., which is a short walk from campus, and provides free parking.


4. What are the benefits of going on this tour versus simply going out to eat?

A: The Benefit of Taco Toursday are endless but to name a few:

  • No wait time on busy Taco Tuesday nights.
  • Private Transportation
  • Guided tours via Highly Training Guides.
  • + Information regarding each restaurateur, events, and history not provided during a typical visit.

Taco Toursday is a fun spin on an already popular theme!


5. What can people expect from going on this tour (the process)?

A: Guests purchase their tickets online via, receive a confirmation email with parking instructions, arrive and everything is done for you. Guests are not required to make transactions while on the tour. All food, drinks, and gratuity are included in the price; which ultimately comes out to be a cost savings for guests.


6. Is there anything else you would like to add about the tour to convince everyone to go on it?

A: The tours are always evolving. As the weather warms, Chatt Taste will be incorporating motorized options for Taco Tuesday. The food is incredible but the ease Chatt Taste provides is unparalleled.