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Chatt Taste is the every foodie’s food tour. Vegan? Vegetarian? Gluten-Free? No problem. Simply add your dietary preferences and/ or restrictions to your reservation and we’ll take care of the rest.






Briana Garza


Chief Eating Officer

When asked about the Chatt Taste origin story, what’s typically expected is an epiphany of poetic proportions, but truly the start was: simple and genuine. I’m the daughter of a veteran. My family has lived on 3 different continents, 5 domestic states; and they have all been unique. The first order of business after a move was to find out where the locals eat.

That’s where you find the community. That’s what I’ve created in Chatt Taste: a fast track to community.



Haydynn Fike

Adventurous Diner

Originally from Nashville, Haydynn moved to Chattanooga to attend UTC in 2019. As a college student, he quickly formed the habit of eating out, and through that habit discovered just how many amazing restaurants Chattanooga has to offer. Although he grew up a picky eater, now he is very adventurous in his cuisine. Chatt Taste was a perfect fit for him as he loves food almost as much as he loves people. Some things he enjoys is learning more about Chattanooga’s rich history, and trying new foods that he has never had.




Amanda Angel

Foodie Extraordinaire

Amanda Angel is a local mom and 4th grade math teacher.  She absolutely loves teaching her “mini-mathematicians” and going on adventures with her 8 year old son, Asher.  Amanda refers to herself as a “teacher by day, foodie by night” because in her spare time she loves to cook prepared meals for clients, create beautiful spreads for small catering events, stay connected in the local Chattanooga food scene, teach others about home cooking, and lead food tours with Chatt Taste!




Clarence Shields 

Good food equals a good mood.

Good quality food can put you in a place of pure joy. And the wonderful part about Chattanooga is, there are pockets of joy throughout this beautiful city. The downtown area, specifically the West Village is an experience of its own that I look forward to presenting to some and introducing to others.



How many people will there be per tour?

A: The number of participants can range from 2-10,
depending the tour type. Private tours can be requested
by emailing

Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

A: For the best quality experience and to ensure that there is no overbooking, tickets must be purchased in advance. 

What happens if it rains?

A: Please dress for the weather. Tours will continue in light conditions. If the tour has to be canceled due to inclement weather, you may reschedule your visit or receive a refund on your purchase.

What is included in the ticket price?

A: All food and gratuity are included. If your guide does a great job, feel free to leave them a tip but tipping isn’t required. Alcoholic beverages may be purchased while on the tour. 

What is the cancellation policy?

A: We understand that things happen. When a cancellation is unavoidable, contact us directly to reschedule at If this is not an option, a 100% refund will be provided if canceled within a 1 day of tour. 

How long will the tour be?

A: Each tour lasts between 2-3 hours. Specific duration can be found in each tour description. 

How far will we walk on the tour?

A: Walking distance is based on the tour type. Downtown Chatt tours are .3 of a mile, while our Walking Lunch is 1/2 a mile. Tours with transportation provided have curbside pickup (cool right!)

What should I wear?

A: Whatever your heart desires. Some guests come on tours to meet new friends and try different food, some come for date night. Dress for the occasion. For biking tours it is suggested that larger bags not be brought. We also suggest wearing comfortable shoes for these tours. 

Do you offer private tours?

A: YES! We love private tours. We provide private tours for companies, families, couples, etc. – email to inquire. Pricing for private tours is dependent on group sizes. We do ask that private tours be capped at 8 guests. It keeps the tours personable and more fun! Trust us! 

Is parking or public transportation available nearby?

A: Yes! There are several republic parking lots as well as street parking spaces that will give you easy access to the tour’s meeting location. You may also use the local Carta bus or Uber to arrive at the meeting location, but we make every effort to begin tours where parking is most convenient. 

Is the tour suitable for children?

A: Yes! Chatt Taste’s Food Tours are friendly for guests of all ages. Please keep in mind that tickets will need to be purchased for all guests including children. 

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

A: The Downtown Chatt and Southside Tours are ADA compliant. There is wheelchair access to sidewalks and the restaurants as well.

Will there be options
for people whom
dietary restrictions/

A: Fun fact, our owner is vegetarian and gluten-free; so naturally we’ve curated each tour to honor keto, vegetarian, pescatarian, and other dietary preferences. This includes allergies as well. When booking your tour, you’ll notice a drop down feature to list this information. Booking for a group? Have your guests relay dietary information so that everyone’s meal can be designed with them in mind. 

How much food will we eat?

A: Come hungry, leave happy. Each tour is designed for guests to sample at multiple locations. Portions are based on tour pilots to determine what portion sizes guests would be happy with. We’ve had guests take food home, we’ve had guests order more food at the final location. Food is spaced out evenly amongst locations. 

Chatt Taste Supports



Explore & experience the restaurants, architecture, and history that makes Chattanooga a growing culinary destination. Stop guessing and start impressing your friends and family with this kind of fun, today!
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Dish - Downtown

Cobblestone streets, sidewalk art, and stylish restaurants create an immersive experience for the perfect evening. Enjoy Spanish, American, and French inspired dishes that make for a fun, casual, diverse culinary experience. On this tour you will experience great food and a fun dining experience that you’ll sure to enjoy.

Book Tour

• Available Tuesday – Saturday @ 5:00 pm & 8:00 pm
•Kid-Friendly (5:00 pm only)
• Transportation Included/ Walking Tour
• Cocktail Package Upgrade Available
• Dietary Accommodations: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Dairy-Free
• Perfect for: Bachelorette, Family Outings, Anniversary, Date Night
• 2.5 Hour Tour


Chatt Taste Magic

Travel along the Historic MLK Blvd to some of Chattanooga’s staples. This experience exemplifies the culture and tenacity of establishments, generations strong. This history-oriented walking tour mixes new and timeless southern eateries. Join us as we walk down MLK like we never have before.

Book Tour

• Available Wednesday – Saturday @ 8:00 pm
• Transportation Included
• 2 Cocktail(s)/ Mocktails Included
• Dietary Accommodations: Vegetarian, Pescatarian
• Perfect for: Bachelor Party, Family Outings, Anniversary, Date Night, Fraternity Gathering
2.5 Hour Tour



Visit locally-owned Historic Southside staples in 2 hours. On this tour you’ll enjoy authentic Mexican, American, and New Orleans inspired cuisines. The variety of food fully encompasses the best of the Historic Southside Chattanooga. Each tour offers a different experience. Because the best memories happen over food.

Book Tour

• Available Wednesday – Saturday @ 2:00 pm
• Walking Tour
• 2 Cocktail(s)/Mocktails Included
• Dietary Accommodations: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian
• Perfect for: Family Outings, Anniversary, Day Date, Business Networking, Corporate Function
• 2.5 Hour Tour


Chatt Taste Mural

3 Food & Beverage Stops + 15 Murals! If you’re looking for a chance to learn about Chattanooga’s art scene while eating at Chattanooga staples this tour is for you. Transportation included.

Book Tour

• Available Saturday – @ 11:00 am/ Sunday – @ 11:00 am and 1:30 pm
• Kid-Friendly
• Transportation Included
• 1 Cocktail/ Mocktail Included
• Dietary Accommodations: Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Dairy-Free
• Perfect for: Family Outings, Artists, Bachelorette, Family Outing
• 2.5 Hours


Chatt Taste Vegan

Explore the plant-based food scene in Chattanooga TN! Visit 3 locations in Downtown Chattanooga. This pedestrian friendly tour is perfect for foodies of all ages!

Book Tour

• Available Saturday – @ 11:00 am/ Sunday – @ 11:00 am and 1:30 pm
• Kid-Friendly
• Transportation Included
• 1 Cocktail/ Mocktail Included
•Dietary Accommodations: Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Dairy-Free
• Perfect for: Family Outings, Artists, Bachelorette, Family Outing
2.5 Hours


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