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Meet Our Guides

Our guides will navigate you through one of Chattanooga’s most diverse dining areas. Your tour will explore cultural diversity and will also include fun facts and community insight.  Every experience, is a new experience.


Chief Eating Officer 

When asked about the Chatt Taste origin story, what’s typically expected is an epiphany of poetic proportions, but truly the start was: simple and genuine. I’m the daughter of a veteran. My family has lived on 3 different continents, 5 domestic states; and they have all been unique. The first order of business after a move was to find out where the locals eat.

That’s where you find the community. That’s what I’ve created in Chatt Taste: a fast track to community.

Senior Tour Guide

My love for food began in my mother’s kitchen at a very young age.

I have always seen food as art that you get to get to experience.
I’ve since had street tacos in Mexico City, a Kangeroo burger in Sydney, and New York Pizza in NYC.
Food is who I am. But food is better shared. Food is better with a friend.

Logistics Analyst 

Good food equals a good mood.

Good quality food can put you in a place of pure joy. And the wonderful part about Chattanooga is, there are pockets of joy throughout this beautiful city. The downtown area, specifically the West Village is an experience of its own that I look forward to presenting to some and introducing to others.